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Welcome. I am a Python programmer, interested also in Smalltalk and Selflang. I enjoy interactions with dogs, reading books, writing blogs and thinking about various stuff.

You will find here posts mostly about programming, philosophy, aliens and all the magic I can find in the world.

Recent posts

Robots I've played with ()

Pictures of the robot manipulators I've played with in the past.

Joscha Bach; Artificial Consciousness and the Nature of Reality ()

Pointer to excellent podcast with Joscha Bach & Lex Friedman (podcast episode 101).

Tools I use: argparse builder ()

argparse builder is a web based graphical interface for quick creation of the argparse commandline switches for your python scripts.

3D Starship in the Prague cityscape ()

In scale SpaceX's Starship in the Prague cityscape. Writeup about all kinds of difficulties with Blender and how to overcome them.

3D ePUB icon for my articles about Self ()

Lowpoly 3D modeling I did for fun. Description of wrong turns I've taken and time I've waisted on that.


Random public datasets

📚 List of books I've read (since 2010 + some backports from libraries)

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