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Welcome. I am a Python programmer, interested also in Smalltalk and Selflang. I enjoy interactions with dogs, reading books, writing blogs and thinking about various stuff.

You will find here posts in Czech and English languages, mostly about programming, philosophy, aliens and all the magic I can find in the world.

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Recent posts

Biweekly update 2020-03-23; Sick again.. ()

Info about objWiki progress, my life, what I've read and generally managed to do.

Installation of pip packages on offline computer ()

I had to install some software on old firewalled machine, running Centos 6 and python3.3. Machine was in a network, that allowed only ssh connection and nothing else.

Paperclips; the Algorithm ()

There is a talk about "the Algorithm" in the sense of the supernatural entity, that knows you and directs your path toward strange and interesting videos.

Biweekly update 2020-03-01; Publishing success ()

This was so far the most successful week for this blog, with tens of thousands of views, several new patrons and twitter followers.

Racionální příprava na virus ()

Částečně na základě diskuze s ostatními a jejich názorů, částečně na základě vlastních úvah jsem sepsal článek na téma koronaviru a jak se na něj připravit. Pojďme se podívat na nějaká čísla, z nich plynoucí dedukce a závěry.


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