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Welcome. I am a Python programmer, interested also in Smalltalk and Selflang. I enjoy interactions with dogs, reading books, writing blogs and thinking about various stuff.

You will find here posts in Czech and English languages, mostly about programming, philosophy, aliens and all the magic I can find in the world.

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Elon Musk dělá pořád to samé ()

Nevím jestli jste si toho všimli, ani jestli je tahle myšlenka přímo z mé hlavy, ale přijde mi, že Elon Musk dělá pořád to samé.

Programmer's critique of missing structure of operating systems ()

Some time ago, I've come across a contemplation on the topic of necessity of operating systems. I've been doing sort of "research" about this for almost two years, so I've decided to write up central thoughts along with links to some relevant sources of information on this topic.

Biweekly update 2020-02-16; I am fragmented ()

Info about objWiki progress, new patron supporter, what I've read and generally managed to do.

Biweekly update 2020-02-02; Boring two weeks ()

This two weeks were boring. I've been tired or unable to focus, so I didn't manage to do much. I hope that next weeks will be better.

Where is Johnny K9? ()

I used to like an artist called Johnny K9. He was recommended to me by Spotify in the Discover weekly section. His music was a combination of new retrowave and chiptunes, with brutal energy. And then, one day, his music disappeared.


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