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tinySelf is an experimental programming language inspired by the Self lang, with the emphasis on the word experimental.

I would like something like the glasswork rack you know from the chemistry pictures, but for computation.

The point of the experiment is not that much in the language itself, but all kind of different stuff that can be done with it. tinySelf should be lightweight, compact, collapsible, interchangeable, universal computational apparatus for anything I can possibly hope to make.


Whole interpreter is written in Python, specifically in dialect of the python know as RPython (`r` as in restricted), which is provided by the makers of the PyPy project to ease the creation of new languages.

For example, it gives you a JIT, garbage collector, ways how to bind numeric ints to your objects and so on. Also, it translates to C.

Differences from Self


Here is some of my articles about tinySelf:

Source code


MIT opensource licence.

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