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SolarPi experiment 2: Finally something that works ()

After more than a year, I finally got to the point where I have more or less 24/7 solar-powered Raspberry Pi microserver.

How to run your own LLM (GPT) ()

Some context about GPT & LLM (Large Language Models), how to run them on your own computer, and some examples how I use GPT4.

SolarPi experiment 1: The PiJuice Fiasco ()

I wanted to create a home server that was capable of running on solar power. I failed. Mostly because I was too naive and believed that a specific product would solve this problem for me, and it didn’t. At least I can share the experience with you, so you don’t need to repeat my mistake.

Inspiration for objWiki ()

Updated (added new links and introductions of interesting projects).

Control panels / alt interface ()

Paperclip updated with my experience from a hackathon.

War stories: Romanian Infocenter aka the pontaj story ()

Story about one deployment into the production, and also musing on the devops trends.


Backport of my old blogpost about SLAM - Supersonic Low Altitude Missile.

3D printing exhibit 2; Window shield for portable air conditioner ()

Short log of how I've built a shield into the window for the portable air conditioner.

Weird invitations ()

Added new paperclip.

Creating spaces by opening dimensions ()

Essay about opening new dimensions and creating spaces which others can fill with creativity.

HireRight experience (spoiler; it was bad) ()

Story about HireRight, and "unparalleled experiences for you and your candidates" they provided for me and my friends.

List of python API libraries 2022-04 ()

I've looked into various opensource libraries for API.

Newsletter 2022-02-20; Small projects ()

Opensource contributions, book report, improvements, published blogposts and generally progress in my life and work.

How I use personal wiki ()

Tour over my personal wiki layout.

Antenna from my dreams (3D render) ()

I've had a dream and then I've modelled it using Blender.

Tools I use: PyCharm ()

Tour trough PyCharm & some of the reasons why I use it.

Tools I use: PyCharm / Idea plugins ()

List of all the plugins I use in PyCharm and Idea.

Newsletter 2021-10-29; Monster post ()

Some of the more important points in my year, and also general update regarding the tinySelf, objWiki and other projects of mine. Expect a lot of text.

tinySelfEE 2021-07; let's throw away the Symbolic eval code ()

Free flow thought process capturing some of my decisions regarding tinySelfEE development, specifically why I thrown away all the symbolic eval code.

Reasons why I decided to abandon RPython in tinySelf ()

Story about how I deded to rewrite my toy language to Java.

Microtron under the VΓ­tkov Hill ()

The VΓ­tkov Hill in the center of Prague hides a pedestrian tunnel under it, in addition to several old tunnels for trains. But only few people know what lies behind completely inconspicuous spray-painted metal doors.

How to set Blender for 3D printing ()

Quick informal blog with guide how to set Blender template for 3D printing.

Geometric center of Prague ()

How to look for geometric center of Prague using Blender.

3D printing exhibit 1; Headphone holder ()

Design and experience of creating custom 3D printed headphone holder.

Prusa MK3S+ 3D printer - assembly and first prints ()

Assembly of the printer and first impressions.

Newsletter 2021-01-08; Defragmentation in progress ()

Opensource contributions, book report, improvements, published blogposts and generally progress in my life and work.

Microtron model progress 2020/12; Texturing of the microtron ()

As mentioned in the last article, I got to the point, where I remodeled the insides of the microtron and everything was ready to be textured.

Programmer's critique of missing structure of operating systems ()

Updated list of resources to relevant articles. Added and

Microtron model progress 2020/12; Case for the crystal ()

Short writeup about modeling of the microtron crystal case component.

PyAtom disappeared ()

I've used pyatom module to generate Atom feeds for my blog, but also generally for all kinds of stuff for maybe four or five years. Then it disappeared.

Robots I've played with ()

Pictures of the robot manipulators I've played with in the past.

Joscha Bach; Artificial Consciousness and the Nature of Reality ()

Pointer to excellent podcast with Joscha Bach & Lex Friedman (podcast episode 101).

Tools I use: argparse builder ()

argparse builder is a web based graphical interface for quick creation of the argparse commandline switches for your python scripts.

3D Starship in the Prague cityscape ()

In scale SpaceX's Starship in the Prague cityscape. Writeup about all kinds of difficulties with Blender and how to overcome them.

3D ePUB icon for my articles about Self ()

Lowpoly 3D modeling I did for fun. Description of wrong turns I've taken and time I've waisted on that.

Interesting graffiti I've seen ()

Photos of graffiti I've taken.

Newsletter 2020-09-12; Waves of productivity ()

Some of the stuff I did in last month and a half.

Rationality; From AI to Zombies as on demand book ()

Info how you can print this book in on demand service.

Reply to; The Recovering Rationalist 01; A Path Forward ()

Reply to the blogpost `The Recovering Rationalist 01: A Path Forward`.

BangleJS opensource smartwatches ()

My quest for programmable smartwatches lead me to a lot of googling sessions, during which I've discovered BangleJS, open source smartwatches programmable with JavaScript.

Microtron model progress 2020/07 ()

Progress on my 3D microtron model.

Newsletter 2020-07-28; Whee, I can make 3D lowpoly models ()

Opensource contributions, book report, improvements, published blogposts and generally progress in my life and work.

RSS / Atom feed for the Czech blogposts moved to new URL ()

Pleas update your readers if you wish to receive updates with Czech blogposts:

Lifelog 2020-06-15; Todo in motion ()

Opensource contributions, book report, improvements, stuff that I wrote and generally progress in my life.

My Greenspun's counter ()

Every time I find Greenspun's tenth rule in the wild, I add a link to the project and update a counter. This node is not a comprehensive database, just a personal notes.

What do I mean by node? ()

I often talk about the 'nodes' in the blog. What do I mean by that?

Trying Ansible alternatives in python ()

My VPS will soon expire, so I've decided to try to automate its deployment. After spending evening by studying Ansible alternatives, I've decided to use pyinfra, and I am quite happy with it.

Pebble smartwatches ()

I've bought Pebble time steel smartwatches with the idea, that I'll try to program them. This didn't go well for several reasons.

The Most Personal Device experiment ()

I have this idea of a "Most Personal Device", which is this little computer you always have with you, never leave it out of your sight, and use it as an authenticator and recovery seed for everything else.

Unicode font subset ()

How to use unicode font subset in your CSS.

Lifelog 2020-05-25; Work in progress everywhere ()

Info about tinySelf, objWiki progress, my life and what I managed to do.

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