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What do I mean by node?

I often talk about the "nodes" in the blog. What do I mean by that?

It may sound like there is something special about the page, or maybe that I mean "node" as in "node of information", but no. I use this term because of more prosaic reasons, which are linked to how this blog internally works.

You see, this blog is actually just a part of my personal wiki hosted on online editor. I use this editor to build a "second brain", and basically dump all information to one place.

As you can see, notion, same as other personal wikis, shows list of nodes on the left and content on the right.

Each node can have subnodes. Nodes with the folder icon are just regular nodes, which have an icon set to subfolder unicode character.

When I publish my blog, I just go to the "Bystroushaak's blog" node and then export everything as a bunch of html files. Then I run my convertor on them, to make them slightly nicer, and that's it.

What I am trying to say here is that my blog is just part of my personal wiki. There are hundreds, maybe something around thousands of pages in my wiki. I have there, among a good deal of other stuff:

.. and much, much more.

When I talk about node, I mean that it is just a part of my personal wiki, with all kinds of information externalized from my brain and life. It lives in my wiki. It was a node in my wiki long before it was a part of my blog. Other internal nodes still point to it. You just see a tiny part of it in form of blog, and so it would be unfair to call it "blog page".

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