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Lifelog 2020-06-15; Todo in motion

I love double linked tree structures. It is one of my most favorite structure to work with. It always feels so good to just transform double-linked trees and create something that is more like result in each transformation step.

Blog generator updates

I did a lot of updates to generator for this blog. I've added basic support for tags:

They are shown at the end of each tagged blogpost:

I've also added support for internal backlinks, so pages show what links to them in the sidebar (or at the end if you have too narrow display for sidebar):

I would also like to add such support for refferals / web mentions, but that will require dynamic blog system and I don't want to do that yet.

OpenSource / other coding

I was involved in following issues:

And this pull request:

It took me some time, but I've created my own watchface for a Fitbit versa 2:

There will be a blogpost about the Versa 2 and about programming it in the ๐Ÿ“‚The Most Personal Device experiment category.

Book report

Jumping Off the Planet is a book about space elevator from the same world, as the most brilliant War Against the Chtorr series.

I would add link to the Wikipedia, but the article there does not do justice to the series. I have previously written about the Chtorr series a Czech blogpost full of adoration and admiration, that's how much I love it. So, I was quite shocked, that there are books from the same universe. Needless to say, I enjoyed this book a lot.

Rychlopalba is a crime story written by my favorite Czech author ล tฤ›pรกn Kopล™iva. Its quick, witty and as a bonus, its story is set in my neighborhood.

I was bored and annoyed and procrastinating hard the day I've picked this book. And then I wasn't. I've picked the book at six pm, and I couldn't put it down until 4 am.

Iterative explorations

I've published Trying Ansible alternatives in python, as part of the ๐Ÿ“‚Explorations series, where I take some topic and then iterate over all available implementations.


Other than that, I've also published following blogs:

Someone posted that last article on hackernews and it generated good traffic (20k unique visitors / day).


I've created a node (What do I mean by node?) where I collect information about headhunters. Who are they, their contact info, where they work and what was my feeling about them.

The idea is that when I'll be looking for a new job, I'll have less work.

Shooting range

My frend Eric took me to the shooting-range:

(My friend Eric.)
(Bren 2s we borrowed. Quite cool gun.)

Last time was almost quarter of a year back (fucking coronavirus), so I was quite happy to be there.

Stuff I didn't like; MS Teams

I mean, this is so confused software, that I don't know what were they thinking. Company where I work slowly forces us to use this crap instead of Slack and its pain. At least it has a desktop app, that works on Linux, but it is an electron bundle, which is slow af.

Random stuff is an implementation of a Smalltalk 80 virtual machine. I've tried it and was delighted with it.

I really loved the Smalltalk 80 Blue book and this is great tool to understand it better. is something I would like to build for myself. I have some notes for this project in the node "emacs machine":

It should be a low-tech eink notebook with mechanical keyboard, which boots Raspberry Pi into the Emacs (see Emacs As Operating System), or maybe into PharoNOS. I am not good in Emacs, but I suspect that using this distraction-free machine would help me to become so.

This was crazy, and good:

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