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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I am a Czech Python programmer, so this blog is a lot about 📂Programming, but also about 📂Philosophy, 📂3D modeling, 📂Technological marvels, and all the magic I can find in the world.

In my spare time, I like to work on open source. I've created several libraries for various languages (Python, D, Smalltalk, ..), and I am also working on my toy programming language 📂tinySelf, and custom personal wiki software called 📂objWiki.

I consider myself to be on a quest for the things that came after the printing press, when people finally realized that they don't have to print a Bible all the time. Except of course I am talking about computers, and the stupidity of our age and especially of my field. For this reason, I like to explore decades old concepts of the software world around structured and object systems. Think Xerox PARC, Engelbart, Genera (lisp), Smalltalk (Kay) and Self (see 📂Series about Self). I have a hope, that one day, I'll become a craftsman worthy of my craft.

Other than that, I am super interested in rationality, autodidactism, and in the study of how one can self-improve.

Recent posts

War stories: Romanian Infocenter aka the pontaj story ()

Story about one deployment into the production, and also musing on the devops trends.


Backport of my old blogpost about SLAM - Supersonic Low Altitude Missile.

3D printing exhibit 2; Window shield for portable air conditioner ()

Short log of how I've built a shield into the window for the portable air conditioner.

Weird invitations ()

Added new paperclip.

Creating spaces by opening dimensions ()

Essay about opening new dimensions and creating spaces which others can fill with creativity.


Random public datasets

📚 List of books I've read (since 2010 + some back ports from libraries, goodreads here)


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