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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I am a Czech Python programmer, so this blog is a lot about 📂Programming, but also about 📂Philosophy, 📂3D modeling, 📂Technological marvels, and all the magic I can find in the world.

In my spare time, I like to work on open source. I've created several libraries for various languages (Python, D, Smalltalk, ..), and I am also working on my toy programming language 📂tinySelf, and custom personal wiki software called 📂objWiki.

I consider myself to be on a quest for the things that came after the printing press, when people finally realized that they don't have to print a Bible all the time. Except of course I am talking about computers, and the stupidity of our age and especially of my field. For this reason, I like to explore decades old concepts of the software world around structured and object systems. Think Xerox PARC, Engelbart, Genera (lisp), Smalltalk (Kay) and Self (see 📂Series about Self). I have a hope, that one day, I'll become a craftsman worthy of my craft.

Other than that, I am super interested in rationality, autodidactism, and in the study of how one can self-improve.

Recent posts

SolarPi experiment 2: Finally something that works ()

After more than a year, I finally got to the point where I have more or less 24/7 solar-powered Raspberry Pi microserver.

How to run your own LLM (GPT) ()

Some context about GPT & LLM (Large Language Models), how to run them on your own computer, and some examples how I use GPT4.

SolarPi experiment 1: The PiJuice Fiasco ()

I wanted to create a home server that was capable of running on solar power. I failed. Mostly because I was too naive and believed that a specific product would solve this problem for me, and it didn’t. At least I can share the experience with you, so you don’t need to repeat my mistake.

Inspiration for objWiki ()

Updated (added new links and introductions of interesting projects).

Control panels / alt interface ()

Paperclip updated with my experience from a hackathon.


Random public datasets

📚 List of books I've read (since 2010 + some back ports from libraries, goodreads here)


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