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3D printing exhibit 1; Headphone holder ()

Design and experience of creating custom 3D printed headphone holder.

Prusa MK3S+ 3D printer - assembly and first prints ()

Assembly of the printer and first impressions.

Newsletter 2021-01-08; Defragmentation in progress ()

Opensource contributions, book report, improvements, published blogposts and generally progress in my life and work.

Microtron model progress 2020/12; Texturing of the microtron ()

As mentioned in the last article, I got to the point, where I remodeled the insides of the microtron and everything was ready to be textured.

Programmer's critique of missing structure of operating systems ()

Updated list of resources to relevant articles. Added and

PyAtom disappeared ()

I've used pyatom module to generate Atom feeds for my blog, but also generally for all kinds of stuff for maybe four or five years. Then it disappeared.

Microtron model progress 2020/12; Case for the crystal ()

Short writeup about modeling of the microtron crystal case component.

Robots I've played with ()

Pictures of the robot manipulators I've played with in the past.

Joscha Bach; Artificial Consciousness and the Nature of Reality ()

Pointer to excellent podcast with Joscha Bach & Lex Friedman (podcast episode 101).

Tools I use: argparse builder ()

argparse builder is a web based graphical interface for quick creation of the argparse commandline switches for your python scripts.

3D Starship in the Prague cityscape ()

In scale SpaceX's Starship in the Prague cityscape. Writeup about all kinds of difficulties with Blender and how to overcome them.

3D ePUB icon for my articles about Self ()

Lowpoly 3D modeling I did for fun. Description of wrong turns I've taken and time I've waisted on that.

🗒️Interesting graffiti I've seen ()

Photos of graffiti I've taken.

Newsletter 2020-09-12; Waves of productivity ()

Some of the stuff I did in last month and a half.

🗒️Rationality; From AI to Zombies as on demand book ()

Info how you can print this book in on demand service.

Reply to; The Recovering Rationalist 01; A Path Forward ()

Reply to the blogpost `The Recovering Rationalist 01: A Path Forward`.

BangleJS opensource smartwatches ()

My quest for programmable smartwatches lead me to a lot of googling sessions, during which I've discovered BangleJS, open source smartwatches programmable with JavaScript.

Microtron model progress 2020/07 ()

Progress on my 3D microtron model.

Newsletter 2020-07-28; Whee, I can make 3D lowpoly models ()

Opensource contributions, book report, improvements, published blogposts and generally progress in my life and work.

RSS / Atom feed for the Czech blogposts moved to new URL ()

Pleas update your readers if you wish to receive updates with Czech blogposts:

Lifelog 2020-06-15; Todo in motion ()

Opensource contributions, book report, improvements, stuff that I wrote and generally progress in my life.

My Greenspun's counter ()

Every time I find Greenspun's tenth rule in the wild, I add a link to the project and update a counter. This node is not a comprehensive database, just a personal notes.

What do I mean by node? ()

I often talk about the 'nodes' in the blog. What do I mean by that?

Trying Ansible alternatives in python ()

My VPS will soon expire, so I've decided to try to automate its deployment. After spending evening by studying Ansible alternatives, I've decided to use pyinfra, and I am quite happy with it.

Pebble smartwatches ()

I've bought Pebble time steel smartwatches with the idea, that I'll try to program them. This didn't go well for several reasons.

📂The Most Personal Device experiment ()

I have this idea of a "Most Personal Device", which is this little computer you always have with you, never leave it out of your sight, and use it as an authenticator and recovery seed for everything else.

Unicode font subset ()

How to use unicode font subset in your CSS.

Lifelog 2020-05-25; Work in progress everywhere ()

Info about tinySelf, objWiki progress, my life and what I managed to do.

Vitamins, nootropics and other boosters ()

Small database of stimulants and other substances I've tried.

Transaction support for simple in-memory database ()

Notes from the implementation of the transaction support to the objWiki.

Improvements ()

New section with all kinds of personal improvements.

Biweekly update 2020-04-22; A lot of programming ()

Info about objWiki progress, my life, what I've read and generally managed to do.

Explorations / Python p2p libraries and frameworks ()

List of libraries for p2p networking in python, with short evaluation of each.

Biweekly update 2020-04-06; Finally not sick and productive ()

Info about objWiki progress, my life and what I managed to do.

Biweekly update 2020-03-23; Sick again.. ()

Info about objWiki progress, my life, what I've read and generally managed to do.

Installation of pip packages on offline computer ()

I had to install some software on old firewalled machine, running Centos 6 and python3.3. Machine was in a network, that allowed only ssh connection and nothing else.

Paperclips; the Algorithm ()

There is a talk about "the Algorithm" in the sense of the supernatural entity, that knows you and directs your path toward strange and interesting videos.

Biweekly update 2020-03-01; Publishing success ()

This was so far the most successful week for this blog, with tens of thousands of views, several new patrons and twitter followers.

Racionální příprava na virus ()

Částečně na základě diskuze s ostatními a jejich názorů, částečně na základě vlastních úvah jsem sepsal článek na téma koronaviru a jak se na něj připravit. Pojďme se podívat na nějaká čísla, z nich plynoucí dedukce a závěry.

Elon Musk dělá pořád to samé ()

Nevím jestli jste si toho všimli, ani jestli je tahle myšlenka přímo z mé hlavy, ale přijde mi, že Elon Musk dělá pořád to samé.

Programmer's critique of missing structure of operating systems ()

Some time ago, I've come across a contemplation on the topic of necessity of operating systems. I've been doing sort of "research" about this for almost two years, so I've decided to write up central thoughts along with links to some relevant sources of information on this topic.

Biweekly update 2020-02-16; I am fragmented ()

Info about objWiki progress, new patron supporter, what I've read and generally managed to do.

Biweekly update 2020-02-02; Boring two weeks ()

This two weeks were boring. I've been tired or unable to focus, so I didn't manage to do much. I hope that next weeks will be better.

Where is Johnny K9? ()

I used to like an artist called Johnny K9. He was recommended to me by Spotify in the Discover weekly section. His music was a combination of new retrowave and chiptunes, with brutal energy. And then, one day, his music disappeared.

Book generators ()

New section with epub generators from various online sources.

Biweekly update 2020-01-19; Productive, but unsatisfactory two weeks ()

tinySelf progress, opensource, blog updates, writing, book reports, 3D modeling and shooting improvements.

The "traits float" bug 2020/1 ()

Update from the development of tinySelf, my pet programming language inspired by Smalltalk and Self.

Active widget in PyQT5 / QTextEdit ()

It just happened, that I needed active widget in the rich text / wysiwyg editor in PyQt5. And I googled and googled and I couldn't find any good solution.

Biweekly update 2020-01-05; objWiki is coming nicely ()

Work, tinySelf updates, objWiki updates, writing updates and bunch of stuff.

Biweekly update 2019-12-24; Christmas, sighs ()

Too late, I know. I just didn't have any time for writing the update, so it will be a bit shorter than usually.

Sunburst for PyCharm / Idea ()

Sunburst skin for PyCharm, with font colors like in Sublime text.

Biweekly update 2019-12-08; Projects and work organization ()

LVR-15 research reactor near Prague ()

I've been on the LVR-15 nuclear reactor in Řež. And I really mean "on", like in "on top of".

Biweekly update 2019-11-24; Mental refactorings and wiki gardening ()

The rule is simple; every time I find Greenspun's tenth rule in the wild, I add a link to the project and update a counter.

Moldable tools; a book and a movement ()

The dissertation in the form of a book called Moldable Tools concretizes and gives voice to the ideas of developers, who are historically and typically focused around Smalltalk. In retrospect, and with a little exaggeration, the people around these ideas can be called the Moldable movement. Let's see what those ideas are.

Biweekly update 2019-11-10; Quiet and slow progress ()

Moldable tools; kniha a hnutí ()

Dizertační práce v podobě knihy Moldable tools konkretizuje a dává hlas myšlenkám developerů, historicky se typicky pohybujících kolem Smalltalku. Zpětným pohledem je možné s trochou nadsázky lidi kolem těchto myšlenek nazvat Moldable hnutím. Pojďme se podívat, v čem ty myšlenky spočívají.

Biweekly update 2019-10-27; Slacking hard ()

Updated list of programming memes ()

Weekly update 2019-10-13; I was really busy ()

Weekly update 2019/10/06; Slowly ramping up to where I was ()

Weekly update 2019/09/29; I feel tired all the time ()

Weekly update 2019/09/22; The bug was finally fixed ()

Weekly update 2019/09/15; Finally the bug was found ()

Weekly update 2019/09/08; Bugs and a lot of stress ()

Weekly update 2019/09/01; What I am working on ()

First post in the "Weekly update" series.

Environment and the programming language Self (part four; community, history, future and metaphysics) ()

Fourth and last episode in the series about the Self programming language.

Environment and the programming language Self (part three; debugger, transporter and problems) ()

Third episode of the series about Self programming language.

Environment and the programming language Self (part two; language) ()

Second episode of the series about Self programming language.

Jak se stát programátorem ()

Starší série přenesena z mých starých webových stránek na konci internetu sem.

Poetry of Wendelstein 7-X ()

Beauty of experimental fusion reactor.

Environment and programming language Self (part one; environment) ()

First part of the series about Self programming language.

Vypuštěné knihy (cz) ()

Stránka s knihami, které jsem vypustil mezi lidi.

Jak se píše programovací jazyk 6: Kompilátor AST do bytecode ()

Knižní minirecenze: Library at Mount Char (cz) ()

Updated: Books that changed my point of view ()

Added I am strange loop.

tinySelf performance gains 2019/4 ()

Article about performance optimizations in my pet language tinySelf.

Added new subpage Interesting articles ()

Published new episode in series Jak se píše programovací jazyk (czech article) ()

This time it is about bytecodes and literals and datastructures used there.

Added RSS feed generated from Changelog ()

Updated content of the tinySelf directory index ()

I've added some information about license, and differences from Self.

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