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Contact info

Several people asked for my contact information. Usually, the best way is to use the email:

I've published my email too many times, so there is a probability that your mail will end in my spambox. I try to check it from time to time, but not every day.

Depending on the type of your email, I usually reply when I have enough time, and that may take weeks (I usually reply on Sundays) or even months with longer emails. The most monstrous reply I've written had more than 60 kilobytes of text and it took me six months to send it.


You can also use Twitter to send me PM:

Real time chat

You can find me on IRC, but be aware, that I probably live in different timezone. I live in CET, but I usually go to sleep around ~2AM CET, which shifts my subjective timezone even more to the east.

Also sometimes I am just not in the mood, so it may take some time before I reply. Use bouncer or irssi on server so that you can actually read the reply.

Connection coordinates: you can find me on under the nickname RemoteFox. I am at all times in the channel #mindspace, but that's primarily Czech channel. You can alternatively use #mindspace_en, where I also idle.

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