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Japanese movie tips

Just random Japanese movies I liked and recommended to friends.

Our Little Sister

Story about four sisters. Really beautiful.

Survival Family

Life of the "modern" family during the global blackout, when everything that needs electricity stops working.

There are similar movies and books (Tma by OndΕ™ej Neff) in the western culture, but it was really refreshing to see Asian adaptation, without bloodshed and violence.

Wood Job!

Yuki Hirano fails the final exams at school, gets drunk and decides to enlist to woodsman training program. He learns how to cut wood and tend forest. Although he hates it at the beginning, little by little, he sees the beauty of the job.

This was really refreshing movie, that kind that feels good for your soul.

The Great passage

Japanese movie about creating the dictionary, and word-nerds. I enjoyed it more than expected.

Apparently, there is also anime adaptation, but I haven't seen that:

Little forest

Woman is cooking all kind of foods from the ingredients she finds and grows around her house. I really liked the slow pace and relaxing nature of the movies.

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