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Lisp Hackers

Kniha je série interview s patnácti programátory, kterým byly pokládány stejné otázky:

  • Tell us something interesting about yourself.
  • What's your job? Tell us about your company.
  • Do you use Lisp at work? If yes, how you've made it happen? If not, why?
  • What brought you to Lisp? What holds you?

+ otázky, na míru jednotlivým dotazovaným podle toho co vyplynulo z jejich odpovědí.

Ačkoliv v lispu neprogramuji, musím říct, že mě kniha bavila a docela jsem si jí užil, můžu jí tedy doporučit i ostatním.

Zajímavé citáty

Some productivity ideas…Knock the rough edges off your working environment. Write code to automate stuff. Make it easy to repetitively do complicated but boring stuff. For example, I used to be afraid of the hassle of making new releases of my projects, but recently wrote a CL program that does everything for me, from PGP-signing the tarballs to uploading them along with the documentation to my website. Now I don’t care if I make ten project releases in a day, it’s just a few function calls.Customize your environment to make it comfortable. Make it easy to look up info in the hyperspec or in other documentation sources. Make it easy to create new projects. I use quickproject a lot for that, but I also have some Emacs templates that put some boilerplate into my files automatically. Make a program do your work for you.

— Zach Beane

I’m the CTO of NovaSparks a startup I founded in 2008 to make ultra-low latency FPGA based supercomputers for the financial markets.BTW These things are really incredibly fast. For instance on 10Gb/s Ethernet market data packets coming from exchanges like the NASDAQ we process the IP/UDP/multicast network stack, extract the messages from the packets, parse/decode/filter/normalize those messages, maintain the indexed order book data structures, aggregate the price levels per stock, generate output messages and finally send them to a server through PCI-express or 10Gb/s Ethernet network stacks.The nice thing is that we do all that fully pipelined at a rate of one message every 12 nanoseconds! To have an idea of how fast it is, in 12 ns the light will only travel 3.6 meters (11.8 ft). Another way to view this performance is that the system can process 83 Millions of financial messages per second without any queuing.

— Marc Battyani


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