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Microtron model progress 2020/12; Case for the crystal

One of the things I didn't take many photos was the case that holds the crystal. Originally, I thought that I had only one blurry picture:

Then I've realized, that our guide just put the case somewhere, and that there were probably more than just one lying around. I've recovered several shots from other angles:


Modeling was fairly easy. I've put some reference images in weird angles I thought would be useful, and used just default cube in rough shape.

Then I applied several booleans and bevels to the cube, until it looked like I wanted to.

I also tried to add the tubes using curves, but as always with blender's curves, it almost drove me mad. I solved the problem by adding basic mesh, deleting the points I don't want, extruding them to interestingly looking shape and then converting the resulting mesh into path. When I added bevel to the path, it looked perfect.

Then it was texture time. I had some troubles when I tried to add both tubes and the main body to the substance painter. For some reason, it couldn't really add textures to the tubes. In the end, the solution was easy - just texture them separately.

The Result looks good, I think:

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