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Some time ago, my friend suggested that I should try out Theobromine. Theobromine is an alkaloid found in the cacao plants, and works as a stimulant. Think caffeine, but supposedly slightly different. So off course, as I am always on look for some replacement of caffeine, I had to try it!

I've obtained a few cacao beans from my colleague, who chews them during work (I've tried that too, but I find them disgusting).

First I thought that simply crushing them would be enough, but it is better if you peel them off:

They are fragile, easily broken into smaller pieces:

I don't really like the taste, so I put there a lot of honey:

Resulting taste is actually pretty good.

Effect with just 4 beans was none that I could identify and realize. It was also quite late (23:30), so maybe I was just too much tired.

Next day, I've tried six beans with peeled off skins. Still, I would say that effect was really low.

Day after that, I've tried sixteen beans and actually felt some effects.


I've tried to roast whole beans and also crushed pieces:

Roasted beans were almost fragile:

Then I've added some honey and made a kind of tea:

Taste was same as with unroasted stuff and the effect was almost none, so I've decided to end the experiment here.

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