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Biweekly update 2020-02-16; I am fragmented

I feel kinda fragmented. I failed my todo pushing. I failed to write what I wanted and instead wrote a bunch of other stuff and I've begun to read three different books at once and didn't finish any of them.


I've got another patron. Thanks lexik! That makes three of you guys. Thank you for your support.

Object wiki update

As of today, objWiki can save and load the tree of nodes and inputs in those nodes to sqlite.

Obviously, there is still a lot to do to make first working prototype, but I am making steady progress. It was basically the only thing that I was able to work on in consistent manner.


I've finally contracted someone to do grammar correction on one of my longer articles. She did 50% already and I think I shall be able to publish the article sometime next week.

Other than that, I've written some shorter pieces, that will need some polishing before publishing.

Book report

I've kinda fragmented. I've picked up Departure (first book from the Owner trilogy). I've read about half of it, and then I remembered, that there is new book from Neal Stephenson (Fall, or Dodge in Hell). So I've read a piece of it.

Then I've randomly picked up Blindsight by Watts translated to Czech language and I can't stop reading that. I've read it twice before, but it's just so good, that I can't stop reading. I really wish for some other book like that; super smart, about rationality and game theory, and aliens and creepy psychopatic vampires. I shall probably pick something from the goodreads lists it is in.


Shooting range

Shooting-range again, this time with another friend, who successfully obtained his shooting license last week and bought a new CZ 75 P-01 Omega.

I did not learn much this time, but I was able to correct some of the worst errors another friend who went with us.


I did some experiments with google cloud, more specifically with storage and with voice to text recognition.

I am slightly impressed with whole system, because it is much more than just cloud. Its also marketplace and whole ecosystem of interconnected services, where you can add and sell your own.

I can see how person with access to this and some capital could make a lot of cool stuff. I am also thinking about creating some kind of private meta-organization to share access to similiar resources as API, but I won't go into details for now.-

Random stuff

AceJump-lite is much better plugin for PyCharm than AceJump.


This was nice:

Yes, my English is probably horrible, but this kind of blog post doesn't qualify for (paid) grammar corrections yet (there is stuff with higher precedence in queue). If you want to change this, subscribe to my patreon. Even with a $1 / month, you can make a difference.
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