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Biweekly update 2019-10-27; Slacking hard

In the productivity area, this was really, really bad week. I felt kinda overwhelmed, so I decided to relax. All my free time was consumed by anime, movies, and even some games (Minecraft / 7 days to die). Now I feel more relaxed, but at the same time, I feel like I wasted my life.

tinySelf progress

I've put some time into debugging, and ultimately into understanding the nature of the float trait bug. I now think that I understand it, but at the same time, it revealed the bug in the design which I am not yet sure how to mitigate.

Basically the problem occurs when:

  1. The object has a trait.
  1. You add an object created at the runtime to the trait by mirror.
  1. This newly added object calls a "primitive" method.

When this happens, self in the primitive method points to the object added in the step 2., not to the object that has a trait in the step 1. It is kinda weird why, because the object added in step 2. uses self that points to the object that has a trait from step 1. It took me some time debugging why, and the reason is because axioms that define how the interpreter should work were wrong.

The way how self works at the moment is kinda hacky and will need a rework. I am rethinking the approach in hope that I'll come with something cleaner, sadly, I also feel kinda paralyzed with this problem, so I am procrastinating on 100% in the meantime thinking about it "on the background" with the right hemisphere thinking, hoping that I'll have some solution soon.

I've also experimented with the printer on topic of "offline code review":

It has 126 pages.

Book report

I've finished Moldable tools, and I am in the process of writing blogpost about core ideas. Other than that, I've finished Crux by Ramez Naam and I've immediatelly picked up third episode of the Nexus series.


Small progress in the Moldable tools blog and also few paragraphs in the Shokunin blogpost.

Random stuff

I've got an image painted by my female colleague Barbora:

It was kinda random gift, when we talked about painting and I've shown her my blender doughnut.

This was interesting:

I also really liked educational vids about proteins and biology of cell:

And two videos of Russians singing help me concentrate in work:

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