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Biweekly update 2019-11-10; Quiet and slow progress

I've dealt with a lot of personal business this two weeks, so I didn't do much work in terms of programming.

tinySelf progress

No real progress yet. I've thought a lot about how I handle `self` keyword and how it is mapped to the interpreter and how it should be mapped, so it would work with primitives and I think that I've got most of the design invented. I just didn't have enough time to sit and try it out yet.

Book report

I've finished Apex by Ramez Naam. It was great ending of great trilogy, and you should check it out.

I've had slight crisis of what to read next, so I've downloaded a bunch of books from W40K universe, and then thrown them away, because they were bullshit. I mean I used to love them, but I expect something more nowadays.

Then I've thought about great hard sci-fi writers, and I've ended up downloading bunch of ebooks from Stross, Docktorow and Stephenson. I've picked up Makers by Docktorow and I love it so far (29%). Bright, full of original ideas, and it makes you think.

Iterative explorations

Part of my quest for self-improvement is to try all kind of nootropics, vitamins, boosters and stimulants. This week I've got my hands to Lyft:

As the boy says, it is nicotine pouches, without any tobacco. You don't chew them, just put them in your mouth and the nicotine hits you and depending on your tolerance gives you boost for like three hours, or if you have really low tolerance, knocks you out for the rest of the day (tried on my female colleague, who reported feelings like being drunk).

For me, it wakes me up and helps me focus. Only disadvantage is the taste, which is really strong peppermint and off course also danger of addiction and building a tolerance.


I've published the Moldable tools; kniha a hnutí blogpost in Czech language, English translation should be finished soon.

I've published the Czech version also on the Abclinuxu - the portal where I've used to write before, and the reactions were mostly retarded and boring, so I am not sure whether to do this in the future. Its kinda sad to see portal such as Abclinuxu fall, lose its quality and become just another place overcome with mediocrity and retardation. Funny thing is that more and more people that I used to meet there now contact me via email or via IRC and there are talks about creating own private website. I've tried to run discourse in the docker container, but I was kinda disappointed with the result. I don't really do custom web portals (I really hate doing web coding), so we'll see whether this will lead anywhere.

I've also put some work into two more blogposts, which could be in theory finished and released this month.

Random stuff

I've bought a box of Club-Mate, my favorite caffeinated soda. My colleagues kinda liked the taste, so I've decided to offer it for the whole office (without profit, just cost divided by number of bottles).

Yes, my English is probably horrible, but this kind of blog post doesn't qualify for (paid) grammar corrections yet (there is stuff with higher precedence in queue). If you want to change this, subscribe to my patreon.

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