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Biweekly update 2020-02-02; Boring two weeks

This two weeks were boring. I've been tired or unable to focus, so I didn't manage to do much. I hope that next weeks will be better.

tinySelf & object wiki progress

Nothing to report. I was unable to dedicate any time to coding on either tinySelf, or objWiki.

OpenSource / other coding

I've created

During the process, I've found mysterious python module called ebook_serializer, which I've apparently created sometime in 2015. It has 42 commits and only thing that I remember about it is that I wanted to create it. Apparently, I did, and it at least partially worked.

Sometimes I feel like I am exploring ruins of ancient civilization, that used to be me. Am I some kind of werecoder, who codes at night and doesn't remember it during the day?

Book report

I've finished The Cassini Division. Overall interesting sci-fi story about space communists.

The Goal was a pleasure and it definitely changed the way how I look at chained constraints.


I've published two new sections:

And one article:

Paperclips section should be small personal database of random stuff that I wanted to share with world, without much introduction or fluff around.

The guy I used for grammar corrections got new job and won't be available anymore, so I've had to use random contractor on micro transaction site to check one of my longer articles.

Random stuff

Xu Xiaodong is (together with Stanislav Petrov) my personal hero. His story in short:

Yes, my English is probably horrible, but this kind of blog post doesn't qualify for (paid) grammar corrections yet (there is stuff with higher precedence in queue). If you want to change this, subscribe to my patreon. Even with a $1 / month, you can make a difference.

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