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Weekly update 2019/10/06; Slowly ramping up to where I was

I would rate this week 3.6/15k - not great, not terrible. I've done some work, both on tinySelf and in my actual everyday work, but I am nowhere as productive as I was before I got sick. I guess I am taking my time to get back on my standard levels of productivity.

tinySelf progress

I've tried to fix performance regressions and added some optimizations.

Last week, I was at 26G7, this week I am at 25G2. After the optimizations, JIT could get down to 9G6, but bunch of simple @jit.unroll_safe decorators pushed it down to 7G6, which is really wow. Optimizing RPython JIT for Pyllisp was extremely helpful.

I've also made several attempts to optimize something, which failed miserably:

But hey, that what happens when you are optimizing.

Other than that, I've added docstrings with types for PyCharm's type checker, and also cleaned several code smells.

Next week, I want to focus on functionality and add new features, but my mind keeps looping back to optimizations for some reason. Its like when you start to think about possible optimizations, you can't stop, so we'll see.

Other coding

I've finally finished the transformer which takes bunch of .html articles in 📂Series about Self directory and spits out an .epub:

There is a lot that can be still polished, but I am satisfied with the resulting epub so far (you can find it in the 📂Series about Self section).

Book report

I've finished Sílící bouře (A Rising Thunder), thirteenth book in the Honorverse series. I've picked up Permanent record from Edward Snowden, and I am loving it so far (30% done).

I really love PyCharm's refactoring features. I've almost finished Effective PyCharm and the chapter about refactoring already had a huge benefit for me.


I need to return to my unfinished blogs, but I seem to have some kind of bullshit writer's block. I am not sure what to do with it. Maybe it is connected to reading hard books? I've put on hold all harder books for several weeks. Mabye I should first get in shape to return to them? Idk.

Self improvements

I've almost finished my doughnut in Blender 2.8. Did you know that there is whole subreddit just for /r/BlenderDoughnuts?

Random stuff

There is also a subreddit for GPT2 bots /r/SubSimulatorGPT2 and meta-subreddit /r/SubSimulatorGPT2Meta for discussing the discussions of the bots.

This discussion of self-awareness:

And this was pure gold:

I really liked Commute talk: Demystifying impossible programming projects:

.. because it really captures some of my feelings about tinySelf.

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